What a Carry-On in Manhattan

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Most people with even a passing interest in running will have been on one of those jogging machines in a big-budget sportswear store and received advice on which style and fit of footwear would be appropriate for them. The machines are, in effect, treadmills with incorporated cameras and they tend to occupy a lot of space.

Imagine, however, just taking a run in a store and receiving advice based on that with not a treadmill in sight. This is the premise of the On flagship, which has just opened in New York City’s NoHo district. Customers entering this one can run past a shop-length corridor at the back of the store and get digitally-generated advice on the optimum shoe for their needs.

This is as high-tech as anything out there, it’s just that the tech is concealed in a manner that it is not in other sports shoe specialists.

The store also stocks running apparel and when trying garments on in the fitting rooms, shoppers are treated to Alpine sounds – a reminder of the brand’s Swiss origins.