What’s Next? Shrinking a Big Store

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What do you do with big stores that you need to be smaller as shoppers increasingly demand spaces that are more human in scale?

One answer, is to put a car showroom in the middle of a fashion and home-wares stores, naturally. This is the solution put together by UK retailer Next ,which has taken its largest store in Manchester’s city centre and which is one of the anchors of the massive Arndale shopping centre, and turned it into a space for selling Ford cars, courtesy of design consultancy Dalziel & Pow.

This is a rather better version of the standalone car showrooms that have been springing up in shopping centres over the last couple of years and as well as space for five cars, there is a 9m-high screen at the entrance to the ‘showroom-in-shop’ and a series of zones: ‘Educate’, ‘Consult’ and ‘Digital’. The intention by zoning in this manner is to appeal to a wider audience than might otherwise be the case, particularly millennials.