WhatsGood, Making the Farmer’s Market More Efficient

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Farmers’ markets are popular and for those who can’t get to one, a number of retailers are attempting to reach out to the faithful with market-like environments.

In Chicago, however, Rhode Island-based WhatsGood, a company that helps farmer’s markets deal with online orders, has opened a store that combines the ideals of this form of commerce with the reality of modern retail.

The WhatsGood store is a shop of two parts. The front portion has been kitted out to look like the interior of a barn with local produce (the idea is that nothing on display has been produced more than three hours-drive away) to the fore, while behind two faux barn doors is an area to which farmers can deliver direct and their produce then becomes part of the online order fulfilment process.

The plan is that there will be several more WhatsGood stores opening in Chicago and its hinterland over the next year and inroads will also be made on doing similar in the New England region.


Pics: WhatsGood