When Retro is Good: The Cambridge Satchel Company

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Last Saturday saw the return of one of the more British outfits in Covent Garden in the shape of The Cambridge Satchel Company. A single floor space (the basement is being used as an office by the retailer), the new store is somewhat smaller than the outpost that the company traded from in premises nearby, but in consequence it is much brighter and lighter than its predecessor.

Practically, this means a relatively shallow space that has been painted in cream white at the front and where the back has been covered with wallpaper that looks like a library -a reflection of the student-like provenance of the products that are on offer in this store. Most of the in-store action is in fact around the perimeter, where single bag shelves combine to create an Andy Warhol-like series of displays. The mid-shop has just one table, with a few matching items on it.

Also worth noting is the pleasantly old-fashioned embossing machine at the back of the shop, where the satchels and small bags can be personalised, in keeping with the current trend for one-offs.