Whole Foods does it differently in Sunnyvale

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Anybody involved in the supermarket business will be aware of Amazon-owned Whole Foods Market (as will an awful lot of shoppers). This is a largely ‘organic’ concern and in design terms this is confirmed, more often than not, by the use of a lot of wood, normally planks’ for the display equipment and perimeter.

What is not usual is the use of vivid colour and lighting, yet this is what has been done in the newly-opened Sunnyvale store in California’s Silicon Valley. Here, the thing that is likely to catch the shopper’s eye is the use of, for example, hot pink as a wall covering, or hot pink neon lighting, used to emphasise the cheese department. This is about impact, rather than eco-worthiness.

The 52,000 sq ft store is part of a complex that includes a multiplex cinema (running at 25% of capacity for the moment) with the same footprint as the grocer located next to it. In total, this is a Covid-19 defying move for a relatively well-heeled part of one of the US’ most wealthy areas. It is also a radical departure from the Whole Foods Market norm.