Why M&M and Disney Work Together in Orlando

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M&M’s, the colourful US candy brand, has made something of a name for itself thanks to a series of high-profile stores around the world in which the faithful can buy the product, mingle with life-size M&M characters and get their hands on merchandise that serves as an advert both for the sweets and an American way of life.

It’s an obvious piece of Americana and in this respect it has something in common with Disney. This, perhaps, explains the decision by M&M’s to open a 10,000 sq eponymous store at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. The result is a brightly-coloured, curvaceous store that shows how co-branding can be undertaken to the benefit of both parties.

As well as the confectionary, visitors to this one can pick up a t-shirt, for example, that bears a Minnie Mouse silhouette icon, alongside the M&M’s logo. It’s an almost perfect example of two brands being better than one and new product ranges can be instituted as part of the package. The store happens to look pretty good as well, in an all American sorta way.