Williams Sonoma’s Upscale Domestic Vista: The Dubai Mall

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Beyond the food retailing arena and edge-of-town sheds, single floor stores spanning 6,500 sq ft are relatively unusual and so the new store from Williams Sonoma, the upscale home and kitchenwares outfit from the US, in The Dubai Mall, is worth taking notice of.

This is a slick-looking affair in which roomsets take the visitor around a series of domestic vistas, ranging from a chequer-tiled floor kitchen with a preparation island, to a backlit wall of chairs of the kind first pioneered by the Conran Shop in the last century. The point about what has been done, however, is that it is of a piece and if what is sought is a particular look that can be taken across the whole of a house, then this is a good place to wander into.

Williams Sonoma is one of those stores that new arrivals to the US tend to drool over as they wander around and inspect its interiors, largely thanks to the visual merchandising, and so it is perhaps little wonder that it is now seeking to make a little piece of this rather more international.

Pics: Williams Sonoma / Alshaya