Williamsburg Blue Bottle Coffee

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They may not be open at the moment, but Blue Bottle Coffee’s many branches will be back and fighting in due course and when this happens, caffeine fans in Brooklyn’s modish Williamsburg will be able to enjoy a newly refurbished branch.

The creative force behind the café is Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, which designed the Williamsburg outpost back in 2017. Recently, it has been back to give the space an update and to ensure that in an area of NYC where good-looking coffee shops are the norm, this one still has standout.

As in much of Williamsburg, this is a former industrial space, the reason for the concrete floors and unflashy white panted walls.  Beyond this, and to lift the interior, wooden slats along a couple of the perimeter walls offer visual focal points and the long plain wood wooden benches with stools help to create a sense of the communal about all of this.

We are probably still some way off customers being able to revisit this one, but when that moment comes, this will be popular once again.