Woodward Corner Market Puts Detroit in the Zeitgeist

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Without being massively unkind, those in search of retail novelty tend not to have Detroit high on their list of locations in which to go looking. Yet the 41,000 sq ft Woodward Corner Market in Royal Oak, one of the better-heeled suburbs of Motor City, perhaps shows that the zeitgeist is in Michigan in the heart of the Midwest, as much as some of ‘edgier’ locations on the US East Coast or in Europe.

The Market is in fact a thing of dark wood cladding, exposed brick walls and artisan coffee, roasted locally. All this and large painted graphics on the walls making the point that much of what is on display is sourced locally.

As such this not only feels like an outsize market that happens to have a roof over it, but it also ticks several sustainability boxes, which perhaps goes to show that sometimes travelling to cities that are not the most obviously of the moment can pay dividends.