Worksout Makes Sense in Seoul

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Seoul continues to be one of those destinations that those in the business of looking for retail novelty head to, probably after they have been to Shanghai and just prior to heading off for a swift look around Tokyo. And one of the more obvious stores to which they are likely to pay homage is the freshly-opened Worksout fashion store, in the Apgujeon district.

It would actually be quite hard to miss this one, thanks to its shiny silver exterior composed of industrial metal plates, presenting a fort-like facade in which gashes serves as the brightly-lit windows. Inside, this is a three-storey affair and one of things that is immediately apparent is that there is a real sense of space, with the bulk of the predominantly street fashion offer being displayed on rails along the perimeter.

The overriding ambiance is industrial grey, right down to the flecked marble effect flooring and mid-shop display cabinets (used to highlight the accessories offer). This one is obviously high end and the 40 different labels do not disappoint in this respect.