Would You Use a Virtual Sommelier?

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How do you choose your wine? Is it a matter of knowing what you like and then finding something that roughly does the job as far as price is concerned? If this sounds familiar, it might be worth paying a visit to the newly opened La Nouvelle Cave in Paris’ Le Marais.

Shoppers heading into this one have the option to scan a QR code which then gives them access to a virtual sommelier which uses AI to assess the answers to questions about visitors’ wine preferences and make recommendations accordingly. Once this is done, small bulbs light up the AI selected wine and the consumer then makes the final call.

There is also the matter of the shop itself. Brick walls on the ground floor serve as the backdrop to some wine rack style displays, while in the basement of the 130 sq m interior the colours are largely pink and white, in an attempt to lighten what could be a dark space. Spirits and beers also form part of the offer.

The store is the result of a collaboration between French online retailer CDiscount and local grocer Casino.