Wrangling with 1970s Soho

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A raid on the back catalogue is the underlying idea of the newly launched pop-up from Wrangler in London’s Soho. Eponymously named Wrangler Icons, the store in fact has just a few items; a shirt, jeans and a jacket on display, all of which are part of the jean brand’s heritage and were originally sold in the 1970s.

Given that this is, effectively, a period piece, in terms of the stock, and is the higher end of the Wrangler range, the store has been fitted out to look like a recording studio of the time. In the store this means, drums, guitars, a piano, ethnic rugs and suchlike, while a slightly more contemporary note is struck by the use of neon installations and a hologram.

The store will be up and running for another five weeks and it is interesting that rather than try and promote something that is up-to-the-minute, Wranglers has decided to create a stir by offering something that is a little slice of yesteryear. The denim is available in a variety of washes, all of them aged, naturally.