Wuhan Is Home for Mi Home

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Mi Home, the retail arm of Chinese mobile phone and electrical appliance brand and manufacturer Xiaomi, has opened its largest store to date in the central Chinese city of Wuhan.

The three-storey shop is zoned, as might be expected, by product category, but what sets this store apart is the uppermost level which is filled with products that fall into the ‘internet of things’ net, which is seen by many as the future for home electrical products.

The other point that is worth noting about what has been done in this store is the fact that the space has been used to create semi-domestic vistas. This means that as well as the usual tables with mobile handsets and suchlike, both the colour scheme and the fitout on the top floor have more of the feel of a well-appointed home with off-white being the overriding colour that has been deployed.

And in spite of the fact that this is a heavily digital store, it does not have the sense of being overwhelmed by screens.

Mi Home has around 500 stores in China and overseas currently and this its 13th branch in Wuhan. It will open in the UK later in the autumn.