Yesterday Can be Invented. Carpo, London

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Heritage doesn’t have to be old. It can be invented and nostalgic visions of how things were, or how you think they might have been, can be fashioned from scratch.

To see the process of heritage manufacturing and what it means in action, those living in London should visit Carpo, a newly-opened purveyor of Greek honey, nuts, coffee and suchlike and one that looks over its shoulder at how things were.

Herringbone wooden flooring, a wood and glass display cabinet/counter filled with things that will be eaten as much with the eyes as the mouth and a blackboard detailing what’s being looked at. From the outside, this looks like a continental deli of old and it would actually be quite hard to walk past it without heading inside to take a look around.

The ‘store’ is on the upscale Knightsbridge Estate and has the new Burberry flagship as a neighbour, which should mean a steady stream of fashion fans heading into Carpo.

Pics: Carpo