Zegna keeps it Simple in Paris

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When in doubt, go large. That, perhaps, was the thinking that underpinned the design process that led to the opening of the Zegna flagship on Paris’ swanky Avenue George V.

The point about designer clothing is that, in theory at least, fine cloths are the norm and with this in mind, the Zegna store has bobbins as the introduction to its interior. These are outsize, stretching from floor to ceiling and acting as a mid-shop backdrop for a bevvy of sharply-suited male mannequins.

And standing amongst all of this is a sheep mannequin, making an unspoken link between suits, bobbins and the animal from which the raw material derives. This, again, is a big sheep and there are more of the inanimate creatures dotted around the shop.

In total, this is a simple and fairly obvious piece of visual merchandising, but it is hard not to look and be impressed. Sometimes keeping things straightforward is the way to go.